See what others are saying about the Stick Mobility system

What others are saying about the Stick Mobility system

"I love using the Sticks with patients who can't get onto the ground for traditional mat Pilates and rehab exercises.  They are versatile and user friendly so that you can still work the core muscles in a safe standing position. The Sticks are a fantastic adjunct to our Clinical Pilates exercise programs.   They allow us to progress and regress exercise programs in a fun way."

Lucy, Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist

“As an effective tool for mobility that’s fun and exciting, Stick Mobility is unmatched. The list of exercises and movements is vast and the results are extraordinary.”

Sean, Strength & Conditioning Coach

“I use the sticks with my patients to train dynamic stability (eg. single leg Russian deadlift), especially when they may still need to hold on to stabilise. They learn that the isometric contraction with the sticks will help engage muscles for stability and allow our bodies to carry out efficient movement pattern. The partnering variations have been a winner in our Parkinson's group sessions. It strengthening muscles, challenges balance, cognition and coordination, and most importantly, it's interactive and fun.”

Hans, Physiotherapist

“I use the wall push variations as a simple and safe exercise early in rehab for people with back pain. It starts them using transverse plane muscles without actually twisting so they feel quite safe.”

Steve, Sports Physiotherapist

“I have found the hold-relax push/pull exercise fantastic for gaining more internal rotation range in my shoulder patients. There have been some significant improvements in ROM in 1-2 weeks.”

Maud, Physiotherapist

“What a wonderful option now available for all demographics from one on one to SGT. Whether for prep and mobility sections within a workout or program or as a whole 30-60mins session the sticks are a perfect inclusion and a much needed one. The vast array of possibilities from activation to increase AROM exercises allow for such a greater number of possible progressions and regressions within the training program. A strong, flexible, aesthetically piece if portable tool allows for a great end user experience as well. The mobility and overall complete strength and body awareness both my young athletes and special pop are achieving is wonderful.”

Todd, Pilates Instructor

“I have found the sticks extremely helpful in creating additional support for patients whilst performing and progressing through their rehabilitation exercises. Whether it be rehabilitation on the floor, standing or in-between, the sticks are a powerful tool to help with re-learning stability requirements and aiding in gaining additional joint range of motion"

Peter, Sports Chiropractor and Exercise Scientist

“I have been using the sticks with a number of athletes. I find them an excellent tool in improving mobility in ranges of movement along the myofascial lines- which is extremely useful as it’s more functional. They help get the athlete out of the sagittal and frontal planes and allow them to progress their range and control even further. I have also found more compliance in their mobility work from this group because they have a tool, rather than just using their own body.”

Linda, Physiotherapist

“I use Stick Mobility every day in the clinic. They are very easy to store and do not take up much space and I constantly reach for them in a one on one exercise session, as an adjunct to my physiotherapy modalities and prescribe using them in supervised group exercise programs. The sticks have been a great addition to the props I use in yoga poses and allow me to help my clients access a greater range of motion than they normally would be able to due to the leverage and stability gained by using the sticks.”

Louise, Physiotherapist

“We use the sticks daily with our clients to assist with movement re-education and fascial chain activation in the early stages of rehabilitation, to full body mobilisation and activation beyond the rehabilitation phase.”

James, Physiotherapist

“The Stick Mobility course has enhanced my physiotherapy tool box. I found that the sticks are a great way for client’s to gain better self-feedback and awareness to their movements and to build strength. Simple, yet effective in recovery and performance.”

Katy, Physiotherapist

“Our players use the sticks before every training session as part of warm-up. It’s great to see their reaction to how effective the sticks can be to add an extra dimension to stretching as well as assisting with mobility and ROM in the first session post game.”

Wes, Strength & Conditioning Coach

"The sticks are a great tool to not only improve the three aspects of mobility; strength, range of motion and control, it also allows individuals to feel for imbalances in their body so they can understand why or how their body moves and behaves the way  it does. A powerful tool when it comes to rehabilitation of any part of the body."

Ken, Physiotherapist

"Stick Mobility - so simple why didn’t I think of it?!!

Emma-Kate, Pilates Instructor