See what others are saying about the Stick Mobility Courses

What others are saying about the Stick Mobility Courses

"The Stick Mobility course was taken by deeply knowledgeable instructors who were thorough, friendly and encouraging. They introduced me to a way of moving that strengthens, mobilises and re-patterns imbalances simultaneously. It is the brilliance of turning any movement pattern into a full body exercise, utilising fascial lines in their entirety. After a day of Stick Mobility, my body felt more integrated than it had for a long time. Taking this system back to my clients, they too easily feel the benefits and satisfaction of being worked and mobilised at the same time. We are now holding 2 classes a week at Swift Fitness and I had to turn people away from Thursday night’s class. And the private sessions have also seen a wide range of benefits.”

Leanne, Gym Owner

“I walked away from the Stick Mobility course knowing that I NEED to apply it to my own training and to that of my clients.  I genuinely believe that everyone will benefit from the Stick Mobility method.  Having done many PD courses over the years I’ve often finished the courses without getting a great deal of value and only applied some of the knowledge from those courses to my own training or the training of a few of my clients. This was not the case for the Stick Mobility course. Not only was it an enjoyable weekend of learning, it’s something that I know will add value to my own training and to the training of all my clients.”

Ceri, Personal Trainer

“The course was fantastic! It really opened my mind and sparked my imagination to engaging athletes in mobility.”

Wes, Strength & Conditioning Coach

“I found the course highly practical, with excellent demonstrations and heaps of time to practice and learn how to use the sticks. A powerful tool to engage the fascial chains of the body to not only mobilise but also strengthen.”

James, Physiotherapist

“The course has helped me discover the potential of one's body movement that can't otherwise be achieved without a stick.”

Hans, Physiotherapist

“The Stick Mobility course was fantastic. I have a heap of new exercises to try with my patients to help with all aspects of their rehab - from isolated joint exercises to whole body mobility.”

Steve, Sports Physiotherapist

“I was blown away with the variety of techniques in the course. There was just as much focus on strength as there was flexibility.”

Louise, Physiotherapist

"The course was both insightful and well structured. We learnt various movement variations that can be progressed or regressed by using the sticks. We learnt how to uses the sticks to create leverage and mechanical advantages to better target different body parts"

Peter, Sports Chiropractor and Exercise Scientist

“On Saturday morning you asked me if my neck had improved after a year of crunching, tightness and lack or ROM. On Saturday morning it was as bad as it ever has been. Well who would know? After two days or grinding my hips, shoulders, abs into positions they haven’t been for decades my neck has never felt better.”

Tim, Remedial Massage Therapist