Meet Our Instructors

Amanda O’Driscoll

Amanda is a qualified Personal Trainer with over 15 years of industry experience, who currently manages a fitness facility. Amanda also teaches fitness qualifications, which allows Amanda plenty of time to utilise and share the Stick Mobility principles.
Amanda has been working at various RockTape events since 2013. Amanda is passionate about educating people on injury prevention strategies and helping them take advantage of scientific principles to maximise their training sessions. If Amanda is not in the gym, you’ll find her in the kitchen baking up a storm or enjoying the great outdoors.

Hans Lee

Hans is a musculoskeletal physiotherapist with 10 years of clinical experience, and have been a Rocktape instructor for over 7 years. He has worked with a number of high level sports teams in his career, where he established a solid foundation in the art of taping. Hans currently provides care for those with Osteoarthritis and Parkinson’s disease, and have found kinesiology taping to be in high demand from his clients. Outside work, you’ll find Hans either on the trail or by the beach.

Louise O'Sullivan

Louise graduated from the University of Queensland in 2007 and has extensive experience in musculoskeletal and sports physiotherapy, teaching yoga and clinical Pilates. Louise is passionate about functional movement, exercise rehabilitation and maximising her client’s potential through strength and conditioning. Louise provides physiotherapy services to City 4051 CrossFit, CrossFit Larrikins, CrossFit Roar, the Queensland State Tour Men’s Beach Volleyball squad and has been a presenter for RockTape seminars since 2015. Empowering her clients with knowledge of their condition and teaching them how to self-manage with exercise, RockTape and mobility tools is her priority. Louise believes that we all have the potential to live a life that is healthy and fulfilling by exploring the world through our senses and tapping into the present moment via movement. When not working, Louise is doing CrossFit, running around Brisbane or reading some non-fiction.

Natalie Amar

Natalie is the passionate owner of The Mind Body Heart Studio and I AM FOODS Organic Superfood Brand. With more than 10 years experience in Personal Training, Pilates and all things wellness she loves nothing more than creating beautiful experiences where people can be reminded that their Mind, their Body and their Heart is their true home. She believes that by realigning our personal wellness we can collectively care for the wellbeing of our planet.

Merryn and Ciel

Merryn began coaching and teaching movement capabilities in 1980 when she was 12 years old, in her role as a junior gymnastics coach. Her passion for teaching people how to better move their bodies has not waned over the years; rather it has grown and developed into a successful small business ‘Strength and Mobility’ that she currently manages as a sole trader. Some of her favourite things are spending time with her husband Dave at the coast, listening to music, and following the footy team Canberra Raiders!

Since childhood, Ciel has loved moving her body and the practice of coaching others to do the same. In 2009, she gained her first fitness-related certification, and since then have developed a movement and teaching practice, with accompanying qualifications that include bodyweight and gymnastics strength and conditioning, resistance training, stretching, remedial massage, Stick Mobility and Kinstretch.

Steve Stahl

Steve is a Sports Physiotherapist and has over 20 years of clinical experience. Steve part-owns and runs the Waurn Ponds clinic of the Corio Bay Health Group in Geelong. He is a Director of RockTape in Australia and is the lead instructor for the Australasian team of RockTape instructors. Steve is also one of the team of Stick Mobility Instructors in Australia. If Steve is not in the clinic, you will find him in the surf around Bells Beach, or running the nearby trails.

Ken Ye

Ken is a physiotherapist who is primarily concerned with the art of natural and fluid movement. He takes inspiration from a broad range of activities and sports which he has been involved in or participated in over the years. Ken believes that the ability to move pain free allows us to interact positively with the world around us. As a result of this, he is passionate about educating people on creating stability through range in all movements with the primary goal of injury prevention. Outside of the clinic, you may find Ken working on some photography, cycling through Adelaide hills, climbing or simply planning his next adventure.