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What Is Stick Mobility?

Stick Mobility is a revolutionary system designed to help you move better than you ever have and take your performance to the next level. The human body is meant to move well and often. Our goal is to help unlock and strengthen the areas of your body needed to access your full potential. Stick Mobility is simple, effective, and all you need is a stick.

Stick Mobility is a system of movements and exercises using a flexible stick intended to help users have better mobility. We aim to improve mobility by increasing your joint range of motion, muscle activation and strength. Which will improve your ability to perform aspects of daily activities, occupations and sports.


Emma-Kate Hitchcock - Pilates Instructor at Das Studio Pilates
"Stick Mobility - so simple why didn’t I think of it?!!
The Stick Mobility course was taken by deeply knowledgeable instructors who were thorough, friendly and encouraging. They introduced me to a way of moving that strengthens, mobilises and re-patterns imbalances simultaneously. It is the brilliance of turning any movement pattern into a full body exercise, utilising fascial lines in their entirety. After a day of Stick Mobility, my body felt more integrated than it had for a long time. Taking this system back to my clients, they too easily feel the benefits and satisfaction of being worked and mobilised at the same time."
Leanne Hamilton – Swift Fitness Owner.
“Stick Mobility is going really well at Swift. We are now holding 2 classes a week and I had to turn people away from Thursday nights class. And the private sessions have also seen a wide range of benefits.”
Vihang Iskande – Shredded Strength Institute
"Thank you for inviting me to attend Stick Mobility Session. Steve did a great job of systematically presenting how the stick could be used to increase joint mobility and strength in those end ranges of the stretch. As an Exercise Physiologist, I am confident that incorporating a stick into my daily fitness regime will help improve poor posture. All in all, I think Stick's is a smart investment for all."
Nissan Essery – Shift Fitness
"What a great introduction into Stick Mobility! Steve packed so much information into the workshop, it felt like a full one-day course. With almost 2 hours of working with the sticks, adapting the workouts to every level of fitness - my husband and I walked out confident we could host a basic session for existing clients (and a little sweaty). The new and improved design of the sticks takes standard broom-handle stretches to the next level - the flexibility and handles make all the difference. We're so excited for the full 2-day course in November!"
Gina Grayson-Cassey – PT
'Whilst using the Stick Mobility, I received not only a great workout with some of the specific exercises but is also enabled me to better execute stretching of specific areas. In particularly, the trunk and back. This was evident the following day throughout a long run. I felt relaxed, smooth and confident with every foot-strike.'

Stick Mobility Quick Start Guide

Download our PDF guide to Stick Mobility which includes 4 bespoke mobility drills that you need to be doing right now! Alternatively you can also download our instructional flyer here.